Kirstie Alley can finally fit into a size medium

Kirstie Alley is large

Good news for Kirstie Alley: She can finally fit into a size medium. Bad news: In maternity wear. From Janet Charlton’s Hollywood:

Kirstie Alley admits she has some quirky ways to deceive herself into feeling better about her size. She took a liking to a floor length Liz Lange dress sold at Target for $29.99 and bought it in several colors. She was able to fit into a reasonably small size and that was delightful, but she was only fooling herself – because Liz Lange is a MATERNITY line!

Kirstie isn’t the only celebrity shopping for clothing in the wrong department at Target — Kate Hudson is often seen trying on shirts in the 10-and-under boys section. Perhaps Kirstie just needs to do what other comedic celebrities like Margaret Cho and Whoppi Goldberg did when they wanted to lose some unwanted weight: diet exercise get an abortion. Wait, she is pregnant, right?

[Pacific Coast News]

May 28, 2010 - 11:30 am