Paris Hilton is more important than you

Paris Hilton leaving the Kate Somerville Salon in West Hollywood (4/27)

REMINDER: Paris Hilton is more important than you. From the National Enquirer:

At Bar 210 [on April 21] were Paris and Nicky Hilton. Paris and a Nicky skipped ahead of everyone waiting for the bathroom, then slipped into the same stall. The pair were heard giggling as they flushed the toilet multiple times. When they emerged, they spent a good five minutes in front of the mirror fixing their faces. (Print Edition – 5/10)

What could Paris and Nicky possibly have been doing in the bathroom stall together? Calculus? Astrophysics? Quantum Mechanics? No, the more likely answer is either coke or using their fingers to maintain their 12-year-old boyish figures. Either way, let’s just hope that anyone using the restroom after them was savvy enough to sanitize it first — with a flame thrower.


May 4, 2010 - 11:30 am