Renee Zellweger does not like competition

Bradley Copper on the set of The Dark Fields in New York (4/1)

This kind of thing happens to me all the time when I’m at the beach. Such a hassle. From the National Enquirer:

Out for a beach stroll with sweetie Renee Zellweger, hunky Bradley Cooper just kept strolling when she paused to admire someone’s dog-and a moment later, a giggling 20-ish hottie wearing OMG short-shorts and a low-cut Daisy Mae top suddenly jumped in front of him, waving a black Sharpie. “Please….,” she begged, pointing to her southern exposure, exposed bountifully by her hiked-up shorts. “Please sign my butt!”

Lapsing into short-term insanity, as guys often do at such moments, Bradley took the Sharpie and was about to sign just above the…er, dotted line, when he heard “HEY!” An instant later, Renee snatched the Sharpie and snarled at Beach Bimbo: “He doesn’t do butts!” Pouting, the girl whined: “Okay, but how about signing on the jeans?” Bradley glanced at Renee, got that “you’re one short leash from the doghouse” look, and told the girl:”Sorry, no autographs today…” as Sweetie grabbed his hand and hauled him off. (Print Edition – 7/21)

OK, this needs to be said: What the hell is Bradley Cooper doing with Rene Zellweger? There are plenty of aging unattractive women with a modicum of fame out there for him to date — and they’re all on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Besides, if you consider what happened to Kenny Chesney after he married Rene, it’s not other women she has worry about. It’s other men.

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June 30, 2010 - 1:00 pm