I hope Ke$ha doesn’t get me in the gift exchange this year

Ke$ha performing at the White Diamonds Party in Palm Springs (4/2)

What’s worse than a lame sweater from your grandma for Christmas? A box of dog shit from Ke$ha (the morbidly obese zebra above). From the New York Daily News:

The “Your Love Is My Drug” singer revealed she gives special Christmas presents to her enemies — dog poop. “Sometimes I’ll walk my dogs and fill bags full of massive dog shit,” she told contactmusic.com. “Then I’ll wrap them as Christmas presents and give them to people.”

Remind me never to get on Ke$ha’s bad side by writing something mean about her . . . starting tomorrow. If this tub really wanted to leave her enemies a pile of shit, she’d mail them her latest CD. Besides, people hate it when you package up dog shit and trick them into thinking it’s something they’ll actually like — just ask the Credit Default Swap assholes on Wall Street.


Tags: Ke$ha
June 24, 2010 - 9:00 am