Olivia Munn unveiling her PETA billboard in L.A. (4/27)

In April of this year, Olivia Munn added her name to the list of [hypocritical] celebrities who’ve gotten naked for PETA (fish have feelings, too!). There was only problem. She didn’t actually get naked. Fraud! From Fox:

“I actually didn’t get naked,” she said. “I haven’t gotten naked ever. I was wearing a tank top and boy shorts but I am comfortable with it appearing that way. There is nothing wrong with the naked body, but I wasn’t naked on the set. I wouldn’t be comfortable.”

What a fraud. How can she possibly support the rights of animals with her clothes still on? If Olivia wants us to listen to what PETA has to say, she’ll have to disrobe . . . and cover herself in honey . . . and make out with Vanessa Hudgens. THEN, we might be willing to hear her out. Of course, all of Olivia’s efforts will never get some people to stop wearing fur. Take Kathy Griffin for example. I don’t even think she owns a razor. *shudders*


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June 2, 2010 - 10:00 am