Simon Cowell is good people

Simon Cowell leaving Mr Chow restaurant in London (6/6)

For making millions by being a huge asshole, Simon Cowell actually seems like a pretty cool guy. OK, yes, I’m trying to suck up to him so he’ll buy me something. From the Globe:

I’m told Simon Cowell took care of behind-the-scene staffers, makeup artist and hairstylists on American Idol by doling out special gifts on his final day. The men got expensive Italian leather wallets, while the women were presented with designer handbags. And tucked away inside each was $500 in cash. Mr. Nasty can be such a sweetheart! (Print Edition – 6/21)

You’d think Simon would give away gifts that would remind the staffers of him. Gifts like t-shirts that were three-sizes-too-small or something that always told them how worthless and untalented they were — like a mother-in-law. Of course, giving away something that’s made of leather isn’t very original for someone so closely associated with American Idol — especially when you consider that’s what Paula Abdul’s been doing for years with her leathery “coin purse.”

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June 24, 2010 - 10:00 am