He did it again

Kevin Connolly and Sophie Monk leaving SUR restaurant after a date (7/17)

If you’re a regular follower of Celebslam, you know I’m fascinated with chronicling all the ass that nerd Kevin Connolly pulls (see here, here, here, and here). I don’t know what it is with him, if women are fascinated by his miniature stature or if he’s hung like a great dane, but he consistently nails some of the hottest ass around — or at least hotter than he should be nailing. And he did it again on Saturday, going on what WENN called a “romantic dinner date” with model/actress Sophie Monk. In related news, I’m now a 15th level Elf with Wizard powers on World of Warcraft. Loss of virginity, here I come!



July 21, 2010 - 9:00 am