Miley has imported hair

Miley Cyrus arriving to Matsuda restaurant in Studio City (6/24)

The poverty line for a family of four in the United States is $22,050. Miley Cyrus’ hair is worth more than that. Awesome. From In Touch Weekly:

She’s only 17, but when it comes to her hair, Miley Cyrus is a first-class diva. According to an insider, Miley spent more than $24,000 on her recent extensions, importing the hair from Italy and flying out her New York stylist, Kristina Barricelli from Gemini 14 salon, to LA to do the ’do.’ “Miley bought the best hair possible, and then had it dyed to match hers exactly,” says the insider. “Her hair is an investment.”

If Miley really wanted to complete her “look,” she didn’t need to fly in hair all the way from Italy — she could have just picked up some horse hair at the local stable. Besides, it’s not her hair that needs improving, it’s her voice. Frankly, Miley would have been better off if she’d spent that $24,000 on something she needs more than hair extensions — like singing lessons, finishing school, or an emancipation lawyer. Billy Ray’s stealing from you, Miley. That new Ferrari parked in his driveway? That was all you.


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July 6, 2010 - 9:00 am