Leo Dicaprio is a c blocker

Charlize Theron leaving a nail salon in Beverly Hills (6/18)

Believe me, I won’t forget this Leo. Dick. From the National Enquirer:

The always-gorgeous Charlize Theron was spotted with a handsome younger guy at Teddy’s in Hollywood on July 26. The 35-year-old “Monster” star — who dated actor Stuart Townsend for nine years –was super attentive to her date until pal Leo Dicaprio politely interrupted to say hello. Charlize then turned on the charm to Leo — and totally ignored her new guy friend. (Print Edition – 8/16)

Even if this dude was a billionaire playboy built like a porn star with a tongue longer than a Komodo dragon’s, he still wouldn’t have had a chance against Leo. The only things bigger than Leonardo DiCaprio in Hollywood right now are Tyra Banks’ forehead, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ego, and Mel Gibson’s alimony payments. Unfortunately for this guy, it sounds like he forgot to mention the one thing that always brings Leo back down to Earth: The Beach (2000).


August 11, 2010 - 10:30 am