You’re not fooling anyone

David Boreanaz and Kristina Hagan

David Boreanaz has been sleeping around on his hot wife Jaime (who looks really awesome naked, btwNSFW) for years so it comes as no surprise that he got himself into such a shitstorm the past few months. What is a surprise is that his show Bones was just renewed for a 6th(!) season. I mean, really? From the National Enquirer:

In a boneheaded PR stunt that backfired, “Bones” star David Boreanaz brought wife Jaime and their two kids to the set on the very day headlines suddenly screamed that he’d been sued for sexual harassment by former show extra Kristina Hagan! Desperate to prove all’s hunky-dory on the home front, Boreanaz had eyes rolling when he announced to cast and crew that he’d brought Jaime and the kids by to snuff ugly rumors that his marriage was in trouble.

Said my witness: “Then the couple acted overly affectionate, but it was all for show. David was kissing Jaime’s neck, wrapping his arms around her affectionately…just being overly attentive.” David’s “happily married” masquerade failed to fool anyone, said the source. Coworkers laughed and whispered nonstop behind the star’s back — but “we all felt sorry for Jaime because everyone knows David has messed around with extras on the set for years.”(Print Edition – 8/16)

Wait a second, are we supposed to believe that a trained actor who’s appeared on countless television shows was PRETENDING to like his wife? Well I never! Actors can’t masquerade and disguise their feelings that well . . . especially those on Bones. Unfortunately for David, after banging so many extras, he probably won’t be able to act away whatever STDs he’s contracted — he’ll have to leave that sort of thing for the make-up department.


August 12, 2010 - 8:00 am