Hugh Grant is in love

Hugh Grant and his new mystery love outside his house (8/15)

In 1995, Hugh Grant was arrested after police caught him in his BMW
receiving a $60 blowjob from hooker Divine Brown. Apparently Hugh kept
accidentally tapping the brake pedal with his foot, which attracted
police to the car (seriously). I bring this up because earlier this
week, — according to one of the local tabloids — Hugh was spotted
“enjoying the company of a ‘Divine’-looking girl during a night out in
London.” Wait a minute, I see what they’re trying to imply. You know,
just because she’s black and Hugh likes her doesn’t mean that she’s a
prostitute. Making an assumption like that is so damn racist. She could
easily be a rapper or basketball player, too.

[Pacific Coast News]

August 20, 2010 - 11:45 am