Jon Gosselin is writing a parenting book, fat

Jon Gosselin is writing a parenting book

What is this, a joke? Jon Gosselin is more qualified to perform brain surgery than he is to give parenting tips. This book’s title better start with “How Not To . . .” From PopEater:

Jon Gosselin and leadership coach Dr. Sylvia Lafair are writing a book together about the lessons the reality dad has learned as the father of a large — and famous — family.

“Jon is still deciding what exactly the book will be about, but knows he wants to focus on his parenting skills,” a friend of the father of eight tells me. “There is no deal yet or timeline, but the [interest] in Jon from publishers is huge right now, so he’s going to strike while the iron is hot.”

The former TLC reality star thinks this is his chance to show the world what a stand-up father he is and how other moms and dads in similar situations (because having 8 kids is so common!) can learn parenting tips from him.

Actually, Jon is the perfect person to write a book on how to be a great parent. Step 1: Jerk off into a plastic cup. Step 2: Let your wife turn into stretch-marked wildebeest. Step 3: Sell your soul and privacy to a cable network. Step 4: Profit. Step 5: Become a self-absorbed douchebag who thinks your wife’s over-active uterus entitles you to fame. Step 6: Get a divorce, Step 7: Write a book because you no longer live with your 8 meal tickets. Yep, sign me up for a copy of this book’s first print run.



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August 25, 2010 - 2:30 pm