This is disturbing

Michael Lohan’s new girlfriend Sonia Stickles

Add this to the “Michael Lohan is a sick pervert” file (previous impossibly-disturbing entries here and here): Michael Lohan’s new girlfriend, Sonia Stickles, is dressing exactly like his daughter Lindsay. So I guess she’s wearing clothes that aren’t hers and no panties. From the Chicago Sun Times:

Lindsay and Dina couldn’t care less that Michael is now dating the 26-year-old Hamptons-based waitress, who claims to be a model and actress. “What creeps out both Lindsay and Dina is the fact that this girl is dressing and styling her hair to look like Lindsay — and Michael finds that appealing!” said a solid LiLo source Tuesday.

Well, that’s a little creepy. Perhaps Michael needs to learn an important lesson about old men dating women who look and dress like their daughter: never do it . . . unless your name starts with a “H” and ends with a “ulk Hogan.” Then again, the reality is that Michael doesn’t have to explain who he’s dating to anyone. Especially since his new girlfriend is nothing like Lindsay — she has a job and likes men.

August 10, 2010 - 12:00 pm