Aniston froze her eggs

Jennifer Aniston outside Comedy Central studios in New York (8/19)

Jennifer Aniston may have finally found a man who won’t cheat on her, dump her, and then build a perfect life with someone way way hotter . . . oh, did I say “man”? I meant “test tube.” From IUC:

A longtime associate of Aniston told IUC this weekend that, as a hedge against her advancing age, the star actress recently had her eggs frozen at a Southern California fertility clinic. The source added that she expects Aniston to retrieve her frozen eggs for conception soon. “She will be an amazing mother,” the source said. “Jen is incredible with children. For so many years she’s wanted to have children. She’s financially positioned to bring kids into the world and provide them with an amazing life.”

Jen has a movie out about artificial insemination and this “associate” just happens to mention that she’s doing something similar in real life? What an incredible coincidence. Let me guess, for Jen’s next movie, she’ll be an astronaut and some mysterious “source” will bring up the fact that she’s planning a trip to the moon. Sorry Hollywood, these sort of art imitating life “leaks” will only get my attention if the actress is in the porn industry . . . and visiting my house to deliver a pizza. “Of course I don’t mind you taking your shirt off because the steaming pizza made you so sweaty and hot . . . annnnnnnnd there goes my dick in your mouth.”

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September 8, 2010 - 6:00 am