Tiger Woods is a dick

Rachel Uchitel is not posing for Playboy

We were totally going to see Whore #1 Rachel Uchitel’s boobs in Playboy, but then Tiger Woods had to be all uptight and put a turd in the punchbowl. Thanks a lot Tiger. From Radar:

Tiger Woods thwarted his ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel’s $300,000 payday to appear nude in a men’s magazine by threatening to overturn her multi-million dollar settlement with him.

“It put Rachel in significant danger of losing the millions of dollars Tiger paid her,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com. “The magazine wanted to mention Rachel’s relationship with Tiger, but it would have jeopardized the deal she already made with him. They refused to give her complete control of the cover so she could make sure Tiger wasn’t mentioned.”

Those conditions jeopardized Uchitel’s deal with Tiger, and she quickly realized there was no way to pose for Playboy without taking an enormous financial risk. Had Uchitel gone forward with the men’s magazine shoot she was to appear “totally naked except her pubic area,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

Rachel was going to be “totally naked except her pubic area”? I thought that was called “topless”? For a measly $300K, why would Rachel even consider mentioning her relationship with Tiger? She already took $10 million in hush money from the poor horny bastard. I guess this story just goes to show you that no matter how much you give a woman, she’ll never do the one thing you wanted her to do in the first place: shut up.


September 20, 2010 - 6:00 am