David Arquette was lying

Jasmine Waltz leaving the Chamberlain hotel in West Hollywood (10/11)

David Arquette claimed on the Howard Stern Show yesterday that he only slept with 28-year-old professional celebrity dater Jasmine Waltz “one time, maybe twice” while married to Courteney Cox. Not so fast, says Jasmine — she spread her legs way more times than that:

Sources are telling TMZ … Jasmine Waltz  is indignant, claiming she had sex multiple times with David over the course of more than a month.  She’s saying she met David through a mutual friend and started dating.

People associated with David tell us … everything that happened between David and Jasmine occurred after he separated from Courteney Cox and after they reached an understanding that they could date other people.  Jasmine is backing up this story.

Oh no, now everyone in Hollywood will know that, after separating from his wife, David engaged in sexual intercourse with another consenting adult more than two times. He’ll never work in this town again! Never!

[Pacific Coast News]

October 13, 2010 - 1:15 pm