Ryan Reynolds is sort of a wuss

Ryan Reynolds is sort of a wuss

I can’t tell you how many times a day I’m mistaken for Ryan Reynolds (you can see the resemblance here).
It’s become such a hassle that it’s forced me to rethink my habit of
walking around the city without a shirt on. But then how are my abs
supposed to get some color, I ask myself? How? Oh yeah, so about Ryan
Reynolds, the National Enquirer said:

A romantic road trip for Scarlett Johansson and hubby Ryan Reynolds turned into a real-life version of a wacky National Lampoon “Vacation” movie! The A-list couple planned to relax on a two-week cross-country drive, sources say. But after a series of misadventures, they high-tailed it home early. “Not long after leaving California in a rental car, they had a flat tire in the pouring rain” says the source. “Ryan had never changed a tire before and it took him forever to do it. He needed Scarlett’s help. By the time he and Scarlett got back in the car, they  looked like drowned rats.” (Print Edition – 10/4)

So the terrifying “misadventures” these two had were a flat tire and a little rain? Big deal. Ryan should have sucked it up and been a real man — by calling AAA. Besides, who would go on a vacation with Scarlett Johansson that didn’t involve staying in bed all day and replenishing fluids? Perhaps the lesson here is that when you’re with someone as beautiful as Scarlett, if you’re going to take her anywhere, make sure it’s in one of her three orifices.



October 7, 2010 - 1:30 pm