Sucks to be Adrien Brody

Courtney Love shopping in West Hollywood (10/27)

It’s not too late to change your identity and flee the country, Adrien. It’s not too late. From the New York Post:

Has Courtney Love set her sights on a new man? Despite recently complaining of money woes, she bid a whopping $17,000 for tea with Oscar winner Adrien Brody at Paul Haggis’ Artists for Peace and Justice fund-raiser for Haitian schools Friday night. Spies said Love got into a fierce bidding war with Gerard Butler over Brody at the bash, which also marked the opening of restaurant Salon Millesime at the Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue.

This is why I never do anything charitable. You try to help ONE developmentally-disabled drug addict and the next thing you know you’re stuck on a date with one. The real question behind this story is what will these two talk about during tea? I’d imagine Brody will delve into the quantitative monetary policy being implemented by the G20 while Courtney will counter with the pros and cons of injecting heroin straight into the eyelid. Either way, Adrien needs to make sure tea time doesn’t last longer than a half-hour. That last guy who listened to Courtney ramble on for longer than that ended up shooting himself.


November 12, 2010 - 8:00 am