Oh yeah, this is working out great

JLo and Ryan Seacrest are fighting

Gee, who could have foreseen that JLo would be anything but a pleasure and joy to work with on the set of American Idol? Oh yeah, that’s right, everyone. From the National Enquirer:

Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest are heading for a bitter showdown over their “American Idol” paychecks, sources tell The Enquirer. Ryan banks $15 million a year, while J.Lo ka-chinged a $12 million package for her first season on the hit show. But the money-savvy diva, 41, has shrewdly negotiated a pay raise for herself every time Ryan, 35, gets a salary boost, and the “Idol” host is livid, insiders say.

“Ryan hasn’t confronted J.Lo, but when he heard that her future raises are tied to his raises, he was furious,” and insider divulged. “Basically, her contracts are hard wired so that when Ryan makes more money, she’ll make more money. He doesn’t like his salary being dragged into her contract negotiations, and he’s upset about her tactics.”

Since J.Lo’s salary is linked to his, it may be more difficult for Ryan to get a raise in the future than it would be otherwise. As the Enquirer has reported, Ryan and Jennifer were recently forced to deny widespread reports that they were feuding even before the show began. But their rivalry is very real- and long-standing, said another source connected to the show. “As far as Jenny and her people are concerned, there’s no question she is the bigger star,” said the source.

JLo’s people think “there’s no question she is the bigger star” of the two? Then why is she making $3 million less per year? The only thing bigger about JLo is her ass. These two should just settle their disagreement once and for all the way all Hollywood divas do: with a cat fight. Of course, if these two did get into a tussle, you’d have to think that Ryan would be at a distinct disadvantage: JLo would throw haymakers and he’d try to pull her hair.


November 4, 2010 - 3:00 pm