JWoww might move to California

JWoww is abandoning New Jersey

I can’t help but think JWoww’s move has something to do with the San Fernando Valley being the porn production capital of the United States. She needs something to fall back on. From TMZ:

JWoww is ready to milk her newfound fame for all it’s worth — because TMZ has learned she’s dead set on moving to the place where dreams are made (but mostly crushed) … Los Angeles.

Sources close to the “Jersey Shore” star tell TMZ she’s been getting “lots of offers for modeling contracts and endorsements” on the West Coast … so she wants to relocate in order to consistently cash in on them. We’re told JWoww is in the market for a high rise apartment in L.A. — and she wants to be permanently settled in within the next couple of months.

Doesn’t this state have enough problems? 12.4% unemployment, budget deficits, Paris Hilton, and now this? If California has to absorb one more unnatural disaster like JWoww, this whole place is going to fall into the ocean faster than Natalie Wood (too soon?). We should just change the state’s name to Sodom and Gomorrah. That way, when God ends up taking a huge shit on us, we won’t be surprised.



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November 24, 2010 - 9:15 am