Holy crap, Leo DiCaprio almost died


Delta almost lost Leo DiCaprio yesterday. No, I don’t mean his baggage. I mean him. From the New York Post:

“Titantic” heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio averted a real-life disaster — he was aboard the Delta jet forced to make an emergency landing at Kennedy Airport after an engine failed Sunday.

The actor was trying to fly to Moscow to attend the wildlife conservancy Tiger Summit, his rep said yesterday.

But the Boeing 767 he was on wound up back on the tarmac after one of its two engines blew just minutes after takeoff — and DiCaprio found himself spending part of the evening signing autographs for crew and passengers.

The pilot of Delta Flight 30 had told authorities that he thought the engine was damaged by a bird strike. Witnesses on the ground also reported seeing flames shooting from the craft’s left wing.

Since when do big name stars fly commercial? I thought all of these guys had private planes filled with champagne, coke, and floozies. Obviously this whole engine incident was just a ploy by Leo for attention. He probably realized that if you want to come across as daring, brave, and gutsy in the papers, you don’t need to hire a publicist. You just need to fly Delta.


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November 23, 2010 - 8:00 am