Sofia Vergara’s boyfriend is still married

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb out and about in New York (6/26)

It takes some brass balls to string along a piece of ass as hot as Sofia Vergara. She’s not even this dude’s girlfriend — she’s his side piece. My god, he might be the most badass dude on Earth. From the National Enquirer.

“Modern Family” stunner Sofia Vergara won’t be happy to learn that on-again, off-again boyfriend, trust-fund heir Nick Loeb, is secretly refusing to end the relationship with his wife, say sources. Although the Colombian actress knows Nick is still married, he promised her he’s getting a divorce. Nick’s estranged wife Anna has been pushing for him to sign the papers and make it official, but he’s been dragging his feet, The Enquirer learned.

“Sofia will be livid when she finds out Nick is refusing to take the final few steps to sever his marital ties,” a close source revealed. “All Nick has to do to put the divorce behind them is pay Anna a paltry sum of money that they both agreed upon in mediation and sing the divorce decree, but he refused to follow through. Nick’s jealousy and controlling nature have always created problems in his marriage to Anna. Now it’s getting in the way of their divorce. The best way for Nick to prove his love to Sofia would be to cut ties with his wife once and for all.”

Sofia’s friends are right — there’s only one thing Nick has to do to prove his commitment, devotion, and everlasting love to Sofia: leave the woman he’s already made that promise to. It’s sad to know that we live in a day where, after reading a story like this, we can actually be made to feel like it’s the mistress that is being mistreated in this relationship. *granny voice* That poor, poor woman.


November 1, 2010 - 9:15 am