Christina’s being used

Christina Aguilera is being used

Is Christina Aguilera being used by her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler? Sure, why not. From TMZ:

Christina Aguilera is the best thing that ever happened to her new boyfriend’s band — and they know it — because they quickly plastered her name all over their website in an apparent effort to gain exposure.

Right after the news broke that Matt Rutler was getting all cozy with Christina — the guys from the Nate Mott Band posted Xtina’s name and Matt’s name all over the “Tags” section of their homepage — hoping to increase the likelihood that anyone doing a Google search for those two will find their band’s website.

But, it seems somebody wasn’t happy with the coattail riding … because the Christina-related tags have since been removed from the website.

Can you really blame this Matt guy for using Christina to get exposure? He’s got to make sure something positive comes out of this relationship . . . other than his bloodwork. Of course, if you’re a guy in a rock band, associating yourself with Christina Aguilera probably won’t get you the badass reputation you’re looking for. They’ll probably end up with about as much street cred as Jay-Z. Hmmm, I wonder what he’s up to this week? Probably shooting an ad for a mutual fund company.

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December 3, 2010 - 1:45 pm