Andy Dick got drunk and pissed himself

Andy Dick is a mess

Thanks to Chad of 88 Miles West for these pics. In an email, he said:

I am a journalist from Texas. My photog & I went to the AEE & AVN a week or so back in Vegas. Shot the red carpet of the AVN Awards @ the Palms. Andy Dick was kicked off & we were there to take pics. Notice the stain in the crotch. We can only speculate what it is….Once kicked off, he ran around shooting everyone the finger including taxi cabs. Andy was a mess…took off running by himself down the street…complete mess.

Considering the fact that he was surrounded by so many porn stars, can you really blame Andy for getting excited and accidentally wetting his pants? With that much silicone, peroxide, and collagen in one place, no guy could last more than two or three minutes. Of course, in Andy’s case, it probably wasn’t the female stars that turned him on — it was the free anal beads and big black dildos they were passing out.

*4 Andy Dick piss drunk pictures total in the gallery:

January 18, 2011 - 5:00 pm