Chloe Sevigny says she’s not dating Pauly D

Chloe Sevigny says she’s not hooking up with Pauly D

Wait, really? She really has to clear that up? This just in: Leonardo DiCaprio denies dating Amber from Teen Mom. From Interview magazine:

BELLIKOFF: So I have to ask you, because you just brought up the issue and I’m sure you’ve seen the rumors. Are you dating Pauly D from Jersey Shore?

SEVIGNY: No, but I wish, because that would be hilarious. That would be the weirdest couple in the world. It would be like the apocalypse … I think it’s because we’re both kind of extreme. We represent nextremes, in opposite directions. So for us two to come together, it would be a very strange meeting of the minds or colliding of two worlds. I haven’t watched that many episodes, but of the ones I have… if I were to pick one of the dudes on the show, I’d definitely pick him.

Of course Chloe denies hooking up with Pauly D. Memory loss is one of the major side effects of roofie poisoning — and she has yet to build up a natural resistance to it like most of the chicks in Jersey.

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January 21, 2011 - 2:30 pm