This just in: Models are dumb

Models are dumb

They should have a models edition of Jeopardy!. And the models should be forced to answer every question. Tell me you wouldn’t watch that. From the New York Post:

Kanye West showed a rare sense of humor with two women Tuesday night at Chelsea club 1Oak. Two models approached the rapper on his way down to the restroom. According to spies, one tall brunette turned and asked, “Are you Kanye West?” He replied with a smile, “No, my name is Louis.” The lady chuckled, “Damn, you should be an impersonator and work in Vegas. You should be getting paid.”

Wait, isn’t banging random models that you meet at a club the whole reason for becoming famous? Not taking advantage of free model ass when you’re famous is like not taking advantage of the free hamburgers when you get a job at McDonalds . . . running . . . Kirstie Alley is literally running to McDonalds right now to fill out a job application. “I DIDN’T KNOW! I’LL CLEAN THE BATHROOMS! I DON’T CARE!”


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January 26, 2011 - 6:15 am