Octomom is pretty much a porn star now

Octomom: Coming soon to a fetish video near you

Well this is one way to pay the rent. Octomom is trying to sell a fetish video where she whips a man in a baby diaper and bonnet. From TMZ:

The video was shot recently in her L.A. area home.  The video shows Nadya Suleman, dressed in a black corset, black leggings and her body is kinda smokin’. Octo whips the dude in the diaper, so much so he has welts on his back. The video is being shopped for sale.  We’re told both Nadya and the dude have signed the model release so it can be sold.

I don’t get it. What kind of sick person would beat off to a video of a grown man in a diaper being punished? And I’ve beat off to the Sears Catalog before so it’s not like I don’t have range. Not Victoria’s Secret. Sears.


[Pacific Coast News]

January 18, 2011 - 8:00 am