Megan Fox is getting hotter and hotter

Megan Fox leaving a salon in West Hollywood (1/24)

And now, the hottest story ever about Megan Fox. From Showbiz Spy:

Megan Fox is disappearing before our eyes. Sources say the actress — who’s married to actor Brian Austin Green — has the same waist size as her eight-year-old stepson Kassius after she put herself on an extremely strict 1,000 calorie-a-day diet. Megan apparently weighs just 102 lbs

“She’s wearing tiny jeans,” a Megan insider told Britain’s Now magazine. “Meg might like the way her body looks, but her legs are too thin and she won’t listen to anyone who tries to tell her to put on weight. She’s happy with the way she looks and says she’s eating balanced meals. Megan loves sushi. She’s not eating anything bad — just not eating enough.”

Why are people complaining that Megan’s too skinny? 102 pounds seems like the ideal weight for a little lap bunny like her. If she had any more weight on her, she’d ruin the illusion of being 15. Megan better be careful though. If she loses any more weight, she may find herself fading into oblivion like a starving Somali refugee or Jason Bigg’s career. Who? Exactly.

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February 23, 2011 - 5:00 pm