Pam Anderson is a shitty ex-girlfriend

Pam Anderson at LAX airport (2/4)

Pam Anderson’s suing her ex-boyfriend for . . . ONE MILLION DOLLARS . . . after he supposedly promised her a new condo in his development. Pam, guys would have said anything to get into your pants back in the day. Just drop it. From the Daily Mail:

According to court documents, Laurence Hallier, a real estate tycoon who dated Anderson back in 2006, promised her a condominium in a new Las Vegas development he invested in. In return she would help publicise the luxury building – The Panorama Towers.

Anderson claimed he told her that if the development was delayed in anyway she would be given $1million in cash and when the project fell behind, she never received her payment. Anderson filed a federal lawsuit this week with the Los Angeles Superior Court asking for the $1 million fee to be paid.

The couple are said to have dated on and off for several years, finally ending their fling last year.

Why is Pam even bothering to sue this guy? By the time this lawsuit finally makes it through the courts, her hep C ravaged body will be more decayed than Amy Winehouse’s teeth. Besides, Pamela shouldn’t be wasting what precious time she has left trying to scam a free condo out of her ex boyfriend — she should be trying to build a time machine to go back to 1995 so she can be relevant again.


February 17, 2011 - 8:00 am