Susan Sarandon’s a weirdo

Susan Sarandon’s a weirdo

You know what the only difference between insanity and eccentricity is? Net worth. If you’re rich and do crazy shit, you’re eccentric. If you’re poor and do crazy shit, you’re insane. From Popeater:

Apparently, the tooth fairy doesn’t visit Susan Sarandon’s house. ‘The Lovely Bones’ actress has been stepping out at events wearing a rather unusual bracelet crafted from opals, rubies, gold and — her children’s teeth! Yes, you read that right.

She crafted the personalized bracelet from the pearly whites of daughter Eva Amurri and sons Jack Robbins and Miles Robbins. “A friend of mine designed it,” she told PopEater as she twirled the bracelet around her wrist.

Susan’s wearing a teeth bracelet that was designed by one of her friends? What is he, a witch doctor? Sure, some people wear necklaces made with a shark’s tooth, but not teeth from their own progeny. The only way this story of wearing the teeth of her children could have been any more nauseating is if her kids were actually British.


February 28, 2011 - 9:00 am