Cry me a river

Jaime Pressly eating lunch in Santa Monica (1/22)

Apparently Jamie Pressly is concerned that the DUI she got earlier this year is having a negative impact on her career. Hmmm, if only there was something that could have prevented the situation from ever occurring — a “taxi”-like solution to her problem, if you will. From People:

Jaime Pressly has already admitted she isn’t “perfect” – but she’s still feeling the sting of notoriety following her recent DUI arrest.

“She’s concerned about how the arrest will affect her image because she feels this situation is unjustified,” Pressly’s lawyer, Rich Hutton, told PEOPLE on Friday, following a hearing in the case. “It doesn’t represent who she is.”

Sorry Jaime, it’s not the DUI arrest that’s ultimately going to have the biggest impact on your image in Hollywood. It’s your age. Jaime’s almost 35, and the only trait that’s more like kryptonite to casting directors than a woman in her mid-30s is an actor that’s a Republican. Or if you host a popular kid’s show and get caught jerking off in a porno theater. That too.

March 22, 2011 - 11:15 am