Madonna is an ass

Madonna at the “2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party” at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood (2/27)

Just once I want to read a story about Madonna not being a complete and total ass. Also, why has she not played Cruella de Vil in a 101 Dalmations remake? From the New York Post:

Madonna, who hosted her own Oscar bash at manager Guy Oseary’s mansion late Sunday night, made sure she made a big entrance at the Vanity Fair party — then immediately left. She arrived on the red carpet, said “I am here to get photographed,” walked through the party, and then bolted. Sources say the ever-competitive diva wanted to survey the array of A-list stars to lure them to her own event.

Poaching celebrities from one party to bring them back to your own is a rookie move. If Madonna wants famous people to come to her events, she doesn’t need to recruit them from other people’s swarays. She just needs to do what Charlie Sheen does when he wants people to hang out with him: pay them.



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March 2, 2011 - 8:00 am