Amy Winehouse wants a baby. We must stop her.

Amy Winehouse arriving at Heathrow airport in London from Dubai (2/15)

The headline pic is blurred for your safety. Via Contact Music:

Amy is said to be trying to get healthier than ever as she is hoping to have a child with boyfriend Reg Traviss. “Amy’s obsessed with having children. It’s all she’s talking about right now. She is desperate to have a baby within the next year. Amy is doing everything she can to have kids. Because of the drugs and drinking, her body would not have been able to handle a baby. Now she’s on the road to recovery and is turning things.”

It’s nice that Amy wants to start a family, but is there really a guy out there dumb enough to bang her without a condom? Not even one of the “Fukushima 50″ would do that. Besides, even if Amy did have a kid, it would probably just end up registering for rehab the second it was done breastfeeding. Because if the leaking radiation at the nuclear reactor in Japan has taught us anything, it’s that milk can remain tainted well after it’s been exposed.


April 8, 2011 - 12:45 pm