Benicio Del Toro knocked up Kimberly Stewart

Benicio Del Toro knocked up Kimberly Stewart

Kimberly Stewart was Lindsay Lohan before Lindsay Lohan was Lindsay Lohan, but for the past few years, she’s been keeping a low profile. Well, she’s back. And pregnant with Benicio Del Toro’s bastard child. Wait, what? Life & Style says:

Life & Style can confirm exclusively that Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of rocker Rod Stewart, is pregnant with actor Benicio del Toro’s baby, a rep for Benicio confirms.

“Kimberly is pregnant. Benicio is the father and is very supportive,” Benicio’s rep, Robin Baum, tells Life & Style exclusively. “Although they are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby.”

“They are not a couple” is just a nice way of saying that Benicio got really drunk and jumped Kimberly in a bathroom stall. And of course he didn’t use a condom. See, this is why when I hook up with famous chicks, I have a strict “BJs only” policy. And of course they all beg me to make an exception “just this once.” But how fair would that be to everyone else, I ask them, how fair would that be?



April 11, 2011 - 11:00 am