Trouble in paradise?

Bar Refaeli at the Costume Institute Gala at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (5/2)

You show me the hottest woman on earth and I’ll show you a man who eventually grew sick of her shit. Take Bar Refaeli and Leo DiCaprio, for example. The New York Post says:

Leo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli could be heading for a more permanent split after they went their separate ways after the Met ball on Monday. While Refaeli attended the gala and the after-party at Crown, DiCaprio partied at the Top of the Standard with his boys, dressed casually in jeans and a baseball cap. The actor avoided fotogs and kept a low profile while mingling with Naomi Watts and Carmelo Anthony, among others. Sources say Leo and Bar have been “going through a difficult patch,” but they are trying to work it out.

Oh no, how will these two multimillionaires ever go on without each other? Bar will cry herself to sleep every night on her mattress filled with pterodactyl feathers and pillows made of baby white lion fur. And Leo may find himself falling into destructive old habits like partying every night and sleeping with the world’s most beautiful women. The horror!


May 6, 2011 - 1:00 pm