Kanye West thinks very highly of himself

Kanye West leaving the Intermix store in New York (5/3)

I remember back when I was a teenager and Kanye West performed at my birthday party. My parents didn’t pay him even half a million dollars. What’s gotten into this guy? From the New York Post:

Former NBC honcho Jeff Zucker threw a lavish bar mitzvah at the Four Seasons last night for his son Andrew, with no expense spared — except Kanye West’s staggering $1 million demand to perform.

The bash, costing well over an estimated $250,000, included a performance by rapper Drake, “tremendous” food and fine wines — and customized Converse sneakers handed out as gifts to guests. “They went all out for this bash,” a source told Page Six of the splashy shindig at the restaurant, which is a haunt of the city’s power crowd.

Sources said the Zucker family at first wanted West to perform at the party — but the hotheaded rapper demanded $1 million for the gig. Our sources said organizers balked at West’s price and briefly considered offering him $800,000, but instead went with the more reasonably priced Drake.

Can you imagine the tantrum this kid threw when he found out Kanye wasn’t going to be performing at his bar mitzvah? You just know that any little brat whose parents can drop that much dough on a party is going to throw a huge fit when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants. I’m guessing he probably had a conniption like Veruca Salt but sounded like a whiny Woody Allen — so in other words, exactly like Kanye West.


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May 11, 2011 - 9:30 am