Kirstie Alley = FAIL

Kirstie Alley = FAIL

Honestly, this business failure couldn’t have happened to a nicer person . . . and by “nicer person” I mean “bigger bitch.” A spy told the National Enquirer:

“Kirstie [Alley] opened her Organic Liaison store in the tony Los Feliz area eight weeks ago, and it’s gorgeous-a huge storefront that’s all glass, a loft, expensive modern furniture, beautiful hanging lamps and a wall-mounted big-screen TV that pumps out Kirstie clips. The palace has everything-except customers. I pass by at least twice a day and not once have I seen anyone inside, except a lonely salesgirl. On the one occasion I dropped in, the phone rang and the girl’s face lit up-but it turned bout to be a wrong number.” 

What did Kirstie think would happen? No one’s going to go to a fat person’s store to buy health conscious foods — it just doesn’t make sense. That would be like seeing a French person open a deodorant store or K-Fed open a Planned Parenthood.



May 26, 2011 - 2:45 pm