Lindsay truly is an idiot

Lindsay Lohan leaving Whole Foods in L.A. (5/5)

Sometimes you gotta do the math to truly appreciate just how big of an idiot Lindsay Lohan is. From the Chicago Sun Times:

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan, it’s been estimated that her total cost for defending herself — in that alleged theft of the now-infamous $2,500 necklace — will ultimately total around $210,000.

No wonder Lindsay’s life is in the toilet, she’s a horrible actress  an out of control drug addict terrible with managing her money. If Lindsay had budgeted properly in the first place, she would have seen that, instead of spending hundreds of thousands on legal fees, she could have just paid for the necklace outright and still had plenty of money left over for things like rent, a car, and a case of morning after pills.


May 20, 2011 - 6:30 am