Someone’s shopping a topless pic of Emma Watson

Emma Watson topless pic for sale?

Some dude is trying to sell a topless pic that allegedly features Emma Watson (not this fake one that made the rounds last yearNSFW). And by “allegedly” I mean that this guy is completely full of shit. “Derek” sent the super handsome A.J. over at Deadspin the following email

I have a real photograph of Emma Watson topless. You can see her face and whole body, she has a skirt on but naked from waist up. I have a buddy at Brown who had sex with her and got a photo after the fact as she was getting dressed. He sent it to only a few of our close friends. I am selling it to a website, this is not in circulation I just got this last night. If you are interested please let me know ASAP. I have not emailed anyone else yet, I would like to sell it to you.

Thanks, hear from you soon.

- Derek

The only thing that makes this somewhat believable is that, in Hollywood circles, Emma is known as the queen of casual hookups. At least that’s what I told myself last summer after she used my naked body as her personal pleasure instrument. I’m such a dirty slut! *scrubs self with steel wool*



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June 29, 2011 - 5:00 pm