James Woods won’t marry this

Ashley Madison (and James Woods) in Hawaii in 2007

What in the hell is wrong with James Woods? What, does he want someone younger? From the National Enquirer:

Tough-guy actor James Woods’ gorgeous young girlfriend — who’s 39 years his junior — is crushed that the star is refusing to marry her, say sources. Blonde beauty Ashely Madison was heartbroken after the 64-year-old “Shark” star failed to cough up and engagement ring for her 25th birthday recently, a friend of the couple told The Enquirer.

“Ashley loves James madly and has stuck with him under very difficult circumstances for a long time. Despite their huge age difference, she feels like they’re soul mates, and she’s thinking about marriage  and children. Pals are telling her that she ought to give James a marry-me-or-set-me-free ultimatum after her birthday came and went without the wedding proposal that she’d secretly hoped for.”

Tell me National Enquirer, how can this story get even creepier?

Twice-divorced Woods has known Ashley the daughter of his best friend and golfing buddy- since she was 5. They began dating when she was 19.

I’m assuming the “very difficult circumstances” that Ashley’s stuck by James through was the day his Viagra prescription ran out or when he received his AARP card. I mean seriously, what 25-year-old that looks like THAT goes out with a guy in his 60s? Either Ashley is the gold-digging whore she appears to be, or James is swinging more lumber than the guys on Ax Men.



June 23, 2011 - 5:00 pm