Jennifer Aniston is the devil

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

More about how that backstabbing bitch Jennifer Aniston pulled an Angelina Jolie on Justin Theroux’s girlfriend, courtesy of Us Weekly:

“Jen went after him,” a set source tells the new Us Weekly; as Wanderlust’s shoot continued, Aniston and hunky Theroux, 39, began having secret trysts at her temporary digs, a huge, secluded house on Georgia’s Lake Rabun … Aniston overlooked her secret beau’s relationship status, a Theroux insider says: “Jen wanted Justin and it didn’t matter that he was already with someone.”

Fast forward to March of 2011 — when Theroux abruptly ended things with fashion stylist Bivens, 35, who moved out of their NYC apartment in June. Blindsided and hurt, Bivens “didn’t know Aniston was the catalyst” behind the split, the source says, “until now.”

And, yes, the bitter irony — Aniston’s husband Brad Pitt infamously left her for Angelina Jolie six years ago after falling in love on set — is lost on no one. “It’s amazing she would go for an attached guy after what happened to her.”

If you ever felt sorry for Jennifer Aniston before, you sure as shit can’t now. Doing the same harm unto others as other have done unto you not only violates “The Golden Rule,” but it confirms what everyone has been saying about Jen for more than a decade — that she’s a complete bitch. Let’s just hope if these two ever get hitched that Brad and Angelina send them the appropriate gift — a thank you card.

[pics via Terry Richardson]

June 23, 2011 - 2:00 pm