Jessica Simpson is unfair

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson leaving the Crosby Hotel in Manhattan (6/3)

Jessica Simpson had the nerve to put a “no cheating” clause in her prenup with Eric Johnson. How unfair! How the hell is he supposed to get laid! From In Touch Weekly:

With celebrity couples breaking up left and right — not to mention her own split from Nick Lachey in 2005 — it’s no surprise Jessica Simpson is having fiancé Eric Johnson sign a prenuptial agreement before their November 11 wedding.

But with her billion-dollar empire at stake, Jessica, 30, isn’t taking any chances, and has put a strict no-cheating clause in hers. “Jessica’s biggest fear is that Eric will stray, so she insisted on that specific clause in her prenup,” a friend reveals.

This should put a stop to all those dumb blonde jokes, right? “She’s being fair with Eric in case things don’t work out, but he won’t get anything if he cheats.”

Wait a second, Jessica Simpson’s actually doing something that’s rational and prudent? What kind of bizarro world did I wake up into? Next we’ll be reading about cats hanging out with dogs and Kirstie Alley hanging out at Fresh Choice. Or, perhaps Jessica just learned an important lesson from her last failed marriage — prenups can be a lot less expensive than settlements comfort foods.


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June 8, 2011 - 6:30 am