Justin Bieber is not banging Pippa Middleton

Justin Bieber at his 5th birthday party in 199– oops, I mean in Hawaii last week

I think this goes without saying, but Justin Bieber is definitely not banging Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa (she of the famous ass). Um, okay. Glad we could clear that up. From the Chicago Sun Times:

Pippa Middleton supposedly guffawed loudly when hearing of online reports she’s trying to woo Justin Bieber. The gorgeous sister-in-law of Prince William figures she was linked to the teen pop star simply because she was savvy enough to land Brit distribution of Bieber merchandise through her family’s Party Pieces company.

Of course Pippa’s not banging Justin Bieber — he’s only 17 built like one of the flower girls at her sister’s wedding. As far as the distribution rights to the merchandise, Pippa’s probably just doing what every Hooter’s Girl does when she wants something — a lot of flirting but no action . . . even when you wait for them outside after closing . . . and follow them to their car . . . and scream that you indeed DON’T like the taste of pepper spray. Even then.


June 6, 2011 - 2:15 pm