Nadeea Volianova is very famous

Nadeea Volianova bikini pics! (Maui – 6/18)

Here’s some pics of Russian popstar Nadeea Volianova in Maui on Saturday. According to Pacific Coast News, Volianova is dubbed “the Russian Lady Gaga.” Probably because it looks like she has a cock, and not because she’s popular. When you search for Nadeea on Wikipedia, it asks “Did you mean: Andean Volcano.” I don’t know much about music but it can’t be good for your career to be confused with a major volcanic belt along the Andean cordillera in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina that was formed as a result of subduction of the Nazca Plate and Antarctic Plate underneath the South American Plate.


June 21, 2011 - 2:30 pm