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Bar Refaeli cleans up well

Boy if I had a nickel for every time I was about to hook up with a smoking-hot actress and she found lingerie belonging to my supermodel ex-girlfriend . . . From the National Enquirer:

Leonardo Dicaprio, after a brief stumble, hit one out of the park
when new squeeze Blake Lively stumbled across a garment bag full of
femme frillies in his New York apartment and flipped when he admitted
they belong to ex-love/supermodel Bar Refaeli. Barked Blake: SO WHY ARE
THEY STILL HERE? Leo’s dumb-ass response: she just hasn’t picked them up
yet, honey! But as Lively’s lovely kisser twisted into the mast of
green-eyed rage guys learn to fear at an early age, Leo grabbed the
garment bag lickety-split, hustled it down to his building’s dumpster -
and chucked it! (Sorry, Bar…but really, sweetie! You expected the new
female to be fair?)

What is Blake
so upset about? Sure, she probably doesn’t fill out Bar’s lingerie as
well as Bar did
, but that’s no reason to get jealous. It’s like when my
ex’s new boyfriend found a box of my Magnum condoms in her drawer — he
didn’t get upset, he just wore it over his fist. And she probably still didn’t feel a thing. Slut.


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July 12, 2011 - 11:15 am