Stop sending the Beckhams gifts

Stop sending the Beckhams baby gifts

Seriously. The Beckhams are worth $100+ million. Quit sending them baby crap. From the Chicago Sun Times:

Victoria and David Beckham want to stop the constant flow of baby presents for new daughter Harper — from people they don’t know. Most of the items, including 14 pricy strollers, have been sent by kiddie goods manufacturers, hoping for a Beckham endorsement, or even a paparazzi shot of the celebrity couple using their product in public.

To solve the problem, the Beckhams have instructed their staff to send the unsolicited gifts to a number of worthy children’s charities in the Los Angeles area.

The Beckhams are donating these baby gifts to children’s charities? Hah, what losers! Don’t they know how much strollers go for on the black market? Thousands of dollars. Someone’s never taken a basic economics class . . .


July 28, 2011 - 2:00 pm