Mila used a butt double

Mila Kunis filming Friends with Benefits in New York last July

If you’re hoping to see Mila Kunis’ ass this weekend in Friends with Benefits, don’t waste your time. She used a butt double. DECEIVER! Talking with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, she said:

“These young ladies came in and they were in a casting room and I was there with the casting director and make-up artist. These lovely women had to show us their derrieres and the chosen one resembled my body the most without looking like it’s fake … I showed side-boob, and I figured I can’t just give away everything all at once. I have to let out little pieces here and there.”

Mila is pretty conservative, so I can understand her use of a butt double. Hell, it took me a month to even get a blowjob from her. “Oh excuse me, Ms. I don’t do that until at least the fifth date. Who are you, the Queen of England?”



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July 22, 2011 - 12:30 pm