Tori Spelling has implants regret

Tori Spelling and her implants in Maui in 2000

I think this goes without saying, but Tori Spelling really regrets the boob implants she got when she was younger — implants that have never looked good btw (that’s her 12 years ago). Where did she get those things done, North Korea? She told Good Morning America on Wednesday:

“Well I got my boobs done … in my early 20s. If I had known that it would or could possibly impact production of (breast) milk, I wouldn’t have had them … I love being a mom. I’m on my third baby. We want to have more. Like, that’s my role. These (big breasts) don’t matter.”

Tori regrets getting fake tits because it’s affected her ability to breast feed? I would have thought she regrets getting them because it made her chest look more sunken than the housing market. As a matter of fact, the gap Tori’s sporting these days is so large that it even makes Paris Hilton feel uncomfortable. Of course, Tori does have reason to be concerned about the effects of breastfeeding on her kids. They’ve probably ingested more plastic than Lindsay Lohan’s vagina after a night at Sam Ronson’s house.

[Pacific Coast News]

July 29, 2011 - 5:00 pm