This chick is stalking Kanye

Angela Martini looks really good in lingerie

Remember yesterday when I said how fun it is being Kanye West because of all the model pussy he gets. Well it’s only fun when the models don’t stalk you like some psycho. From the New York Post:

Model chaser Kanye West has at least one ex-beauty queen following him around town. Miss Universe Albania 2010 Angela Martini, who was linked to West in the spring, was barred from his “Watch the Throne” album launch after-party at the Darby the other night. Sources say Martini cozied up to one of West’s producers so she could attend his earlier listening party at the Hayden Planetarium, but West nixed her from the after-party. Last month, the brunette, represented by Elite Model Management, rushed over to Greenhouse after Rihanna’s concert when she heard West was partying there, but sources say West didn’t want to see her. Another source said, “She eats at his favorite restaurant, Niko, near his SoHo apartment just to bump into him. She says they’re in love.”

I hope Kanye’s not complaining about being stalked by an international supermodel. Most celebrities get stalked by overweight, over-the-hill white dudes who wouldn’t even leave their mother’s basement if it was on fire (AKA Celebslam writers). Frankly, Kanye should just be grateful for the fact that someone’s actually interested in him for something other than a cameo appearance on Little People, Big World.


August 9, 2011 - 10:30 am