Introducing the best body of 2011

Helen Mirren in Hawaii in 2008

In a poll conducted by LA Fitness, Helen Mirren was voted “Body of the Year,” beating out the likes of [insert Victoria’s Secret model here]. In related news, scientists revealed today that people who vote in LA Fitness polls are shockingly retarded. From OK! magazine:

She’s still got it! Helen Mirren has been named “Body of the Year” in an LA Fitness poll, and the 66-year-old actress even beat out Pippa Middleton for the title.

Well done, Helen!

The Oscar-winning actress earned 17.6 percent of the votes in an LA Fitness poll for “Body of the Year,” in which 2,000 people were polled. Helen’s votes surpassed Elle Macpherson, who came in second place. Elle, 48, only received 10 percent of the votes; Kelly Brook placed third, Jennifer Lopez fourth and Cheryl Cole fifth. Pippa, surprisingly, only came in eighth place!

Wait a second — the person that came in first place for “Body of the Year” is 66-years-old and the second place person is a 48-year-old? Who was L.A Fitness polling, Shady Acres Retirement Home? Where the hell is Brooklyn Decker in this poll? Not only does she have a better body than Helen Mirren, but she’s not at risk of breaking her hip if you have rough anal sex with her . . . ain’t that right, Brooke? *wink*

[Pacific Coast News]

August 2, 2011 - 8:00 am